Friday, January 30, 2009

Snow Day!

The snow day on Tuesday made my heart soar. I was so excited that I imagined myself sledding with my neighbors instead of studying for a test I was supposed to have Wednesday (but actually didn't take until today). So, I looked over my Hawaiian Vocabulary Book before heading out to sled with my two neighbors! The new word I tried to learn is sky, which in Hawaiian is Lani (LAH-nee). I chose to learn this word today because I can say "The Lani looks very gray with clouds today!" to my neighbors. I'm not sure I'll remember it, since the only word I remember to say is Good Morning, which in Hawaiian is Aloha kakahiaka (al-LOH-hah kah-kah-hee-AH-kah). I need to work on writing that out and learning how to spell it. Right now all I can do is say it! I chose to learn Hawaiian because I want to go to Hawaii someday really badly! I love dressing up in my swimsuit, grass skirt, and beautiful flower bracelet and nut necklace. I have a play ukelele but I don't know how to play it. Some day I'll learn, but right now I've got my mind on the ice that is still out there from Tuesday. It's very icy and I like to ice skate on the longest strip up the road! How fun! Well it's time for me to leave! A hui hou! (a HOO-e hoe)!


  1. I would love to do traveling one day. Hawaii sounds interesting and fun! BTW you do look like Hilary, this girl in my class.

  2. Hi Katie!

    Traveling to Hawaii sounds like fun!

    Can I add a link to your blog on my blog? It's

    Your new friend,


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  4. Sorry, I deleted the above comment because I was signed in with my mummy's sister's e-mail and she would be VERY MAD if she found her sister's doll logged on her account! *funny!*


    I totally AGREE about the song. You are right! Thanks for sparking my memory. I think it was the tune..maybe the singer. WHATEVER it was, it wasn't too good.

    Lots of LOVE

    Your Dolly Friend

  5. Haley - I read about Hilary! Funny, I don't think we look a lot alike at all. I guess that's what everybody says when someone compares them to other people, huh?

    Kit - Oh it really does tempt you when you find out there is a maze with over 3,000 pineapples, doesn't it?

    Ruthie - Yea, that song nails on chalk board (not to be mean but I had to mute the speakers). It's OK, Comments are comments, at least you posted!