Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What to do!?

How do you explain to your parents that your flute is broken? It makes me feel...well, horrible. Though my band teacher says I didn't do anything to it, that there is a part missing from it getting snagged on something. It still plays but it's really hard and I am breathless after a few notes of playing. My band instructor said it's called a air leak. Great. Just great! How am I supposed to tell my parents? They will be so angry. Maybe I can get my teacher to e-mail my Dad or something, so I don't have to deal with that.

Anyway, my science teacher says I need a note! A note to take home his hamster, Little Bear, over the weekend. I love that cute little brown hamster. He says he isn't sure it's a girl or boy, but he's pretty sure it's a girl. So, he just calls it a goyle. Interesting, right? My Grandpa calls my sister and I goyles. I never understood.

My parents broke the news last night. We aren't planning on going to Holden Beach, NC this year. It's a family tradition, and we aren't going. I LOVE GOING THERE. We go on late night walks on the beach and I always keep my eyes out for red lights. Red lights are flashlights covered with a red cloth so that Sea Turtles don't get distracted to the light and go into the dunes towards the houses instead of the ocean. I am a huge sea turtle fan. I get a turtle shirt every year. This just isn't fair! How can I not see my cousins and collect seashells? What about the dolphins dancing on the water with their silver slick bodies? What about cool sharks and people crowding? Or or...but but.
NOT FAIR! IT JUST ISN'T FAIR! I'm so upset. I love checking all the little shops and everything and going over the big bridge. Sure I'd love to go to Shenandoah, but this place really is growing on me. I'm so upset. UGH!


  1. Aww, I'm sorry you aren't going on vacation this year. It sounds wonderful.

    And about your flute, I'm sure your parents will understand. It wasn't your fault. When you get it fixed, they can probably give you a loaner too. =)

  2. Wow, I'm sorry to hear you guys aren't going on your annual vacation. Times are tough everywhere, though.
    I hope you can find the words to explain your broken flute. Stay strong!

  3. Sorry you can't go!
    The flute thing sounds like there was nobody was to blame, so your mom and dad will under stand.

  4. Sorry about your vacation! I'm new to this blog, and I have 3 dolls

  5. Hi Kaite,
    Thanks for following my blog, I'm following yours now too! :)

    I play the flute too. I'm so sorry about your air leak, those can be a pain! You should probably just tell your parents so they don't think you were trying to hide it. I think getting the band teacher to talk to you dad is a good idea though.

    I'm sorry you're not going on your vacation! I'd be frustrated if I were you, too. Sea turtles are awesome! I've never seen one in person, have you?

    And where are you? You haven't posted in forever!

    Talk to you later,

  6. ***Sorry about the typo, I mean Katie, not Kaite

  7. I love your blog! Please write more!

    ~pioneerfan04 AG doll gang at www.samanthassisters.blogspot.com

  8. Please! Please! Please! Update!